Richbrook Aluminium Locking Wheel Nuts

Richbrook Aluminium Locking Wheel Nuts

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Richbrook range works as a security measure in its own right but also looks far more homogenous when combined with a set of our lightweight nuts. Most anti-theft bolts are fairly heavy and incongruous in their design. meaning that they stick out like a sore thumb once bolted up.

The benefits of locking wheel nuts have long been well documented. Put simply. they stop your wheels from being stolen! Elegant locking solution uses 5 slightly eccentric lobes on each nuts driven face. meaning only the unique tool supplied with each set with allow them to turn. With numerous different combinations of lobes available. most thieves will move on and try something a little easier!

The kit even includes a smart nylon key bag with elasticated cuff to fit onto the wheel brace. meaning you can always find your key when you need it. So. you can make your car light-footed whilst thwarting the light-fingered.

M12 x 1.25 or M12 x 1.50
Forged Aluminium – pack of 4 plus locking key
Weigh 65% less than their steel equivalent meaning they should make a tangible difference. both aesthetically and dynamically

Silver and Titanium finishes are available to cater for most popular tuner applications

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